12U Silver


Manager- Joe Hauck
Coaches- Renee Gallant-McKay, Wes Barcalow

Training Coaches- Dani Weir (hitting, general), Makenna Weir (hitting, catching, general), Robert Connor (pitching, general)

We are a 12U A team comprised of experienced tournament softball players (2008 birth year) who strive to perform at a highly competitive level.

We have one roster spot left for the 2020-21 season.  An ideal fit for our team would be a 2008 1B/Outfield with select experience and a strong bat but we are happy to meet new players and families.  Please fill out a contact form and we will get back to you quickly.

Our team is both Little League and multi-sport friendly and our coaching staff is committed to the tenets of the Positive Coaching Alliance.

2020-2021 Roster:

# Name Picture Position Bats Throws Year
2 K. Davis   C, 2nd, OF Righty Righty 2026
4 B. Hauck   P, SS, OF Righty Righty 2026
5 S. Gallant   P, 1st, OF Lefty Lefty 2026
7 A. Udom   2nd, OF Lefty Righty 2027
9 M. Donohue   C, SS, OF Righty Righty 2026
14 A. Barcalow   P, SS, OF Righty Righty 2027
17 S. Loving-Williams   3rd, OF Righty Righty 2026
18 R. Johnson   P, 1st, OF Righty Righty 2027
18 K. Schmer   C, 3rd, OF Lefty Righty 2026
24 S. Bernick   2nd, OF Righty Righty 2026
47 J. McLain   C, 3rd, OF Righty Righty 2026

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